How to Make Shoes More Comfortable
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How to Make Shoes More Comfortable

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How to Make Shoes More Comfortable

Insoles provide 2 main functions:

1. Correct small (or marked!) foot irregularities or abnormalities, such as arches that are flat or flattening. Insoles provide direct support being given to the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons in the foot. This results in less stress being placed through these structures as well as the joints of the leg and back.

2. Provide comfort by absorbing some of the impact shocks that go through the foot to the leg when you walk, jump or run.

If insoles are carefully fitted and matched to your feet, the result is a smiling experience: more comfort, less aches & pain, and the ability to stand, jump and run for longer periods of time. Oftentimes, exercise and sports injuries also recover faster and the insoles help to prevent their recurrence. And as a result of improved actions (mechanics) in the feet, exercise and sports performance is often enhanced as well.

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