Why Is A Shoe Insole So Important?
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Why Is A Shoe Insole So Important?

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Why Is A Shoe Insole So Important?

Working out, running, walking, even participating in casual sports, all require a good quality pair of shoes. This fact is one that most people know. What many fail to consider, however, is the necessity of good quality insoles. What is so important about a shoe insole? Plantar injuries and lower back pain both can be mitigated by proper insoles.

The plantar is the tendon sheet on the very bottom of your foot. It is partially responsible for your balance as well as your ability to run or walk. Injuring this area of your foot usually involves tiny tears in the tendon, which make your foot feel as though it is on fire or cramping (much like a Charlie horse) whenever you attempt to walk. This particular injury can be avoided in large part by properly fitting shoes and appropriate insoles that provide adequate support to the sole of your foot.

If there is something out of alignment with the feet, it can have a significantly negative impact on the alignment of the rest of the body, particularly the pelvis and lower spine. A consistent misalignment caused by low quality shoes or improper insoles will result in pain in the lower back.

According to an article published in Arthritis Today, one in four adults suffers from various forms of foot and back pain. Individuals who have been diagnosed with various types of arthritis, this number is even higher, as proper shoe support is of paramount importance for them. Orthotics, or shoe inserts, can be used to redistribute a person's weight across the sole of their foot, providing added support and relief from strain on the lower back.

With all of the insole products on the market today, choosing the best insoles may seem overwhelming. The best choices are those that provide added support to all of the problem areas of the foot at once. Choose an insole that provides heel support, arch support and cushioning for the toes. Do take into consideration how your different shoes affect your feet, however. Some dress shoes may hurt your back while others might cause soreness on the bottom of your feet. In these situations, sometimes all you need is a heel wedge. If you are unsure, see an orthotics specialist.

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